I have always believed that a company’s success starts with its people. My business philosophy has always been: “take care of your people, and your people will take care of your business”. In Stellar, I have always made it a point to focus not only on myself but on my people.

This philosophy helped bring the company to where it is today. Stellar started with just two people: me and my brother. We were lost and confused back then. But with the grace of God and the hard work of everyone in our team, we were able to make the business grow. We left no one behind: the team and I were together every step of the way. I am really proud to say that we currently have 3,000 employees deployed in different companies all over the country. We have also expanded from 1 small branch to 11 branches nationwide. Taking good care of people eventually bore fruit as one of my employees eventually became my business partner as Stellar has now ventured out into janitorial services. These would not have been possible without God and without the incredible work done by my team who I consider family.






“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” –started as HR Recruitment Head now a Business Partner.

Before Stellar, I was living a good life with competitive salary package which includes free condo. I thought this was the life I want. Then, I met our Boss, he used to be my colleague. He envisioned himself to provide jobs to everyone.

He asked me if i could join his team and without a second thought I left my previous company for Stellar. Not just because he’s my friend but I also believe that together we can help individuals land to their dream jobs.  As we are now in our 6th years with over 11 branches nationwide, I must say that I found my real purpose and I can’t imagine my life without stellar.






I started working at Stellar when I was 22 years old; my monthly salary was only 6,000 pesos as a marketing staff.

I don’t mind the small salary; I'm after the knowledge and experience. Don’t pick a job, pick a boss because your boss is the biggest factor in your career success, a boss who doesn’t trust you won’t give you opportunities to grow, from marketing staff now a business partner.




Five years ago, I started at Stellar dreaming of a new beginning, without knowing that I will be handling Payroll and billing, then Compenben eventually as HR Head. Little did I know that I will be moving out of my comfort zone as HR Manager that the only thing I wanted to do is to be engaged to employees, handling grievances and resolve the problems.  Now, also as a Legal Head, Stellar taught me to be the jack of all trade and I am grateful for that, because I have proven to myself that I can do more than what I only knew I am capable of.




Working at Stellar is one of the most meaningful moments of my life. Five years ago I was one of the country’s bystanders, I literally had no plans about my future, an easygoing typical adult but when a friend offered me to be part of a growing team, without a second thought, I grabbed it. This is when I met our Boss. During the interview, I used to stutter because I felt unconfident since it was my first time. Fortunately, I got hired not knowing what he sees in me to be one of the employees for his dream team.

Every time he talks to us with his inspiring words, I see a worthy man to believe in.

Our mission to help others to find a job that suits them and vision to be one of the competitive companies in our country made me realize that I am beyond blessed to be part of this family. With Stellar, I found my passion and every day I am grateful that I am able to do what I love to do.




Getting conditional ratings from the CPA BOARD EXAM gave me so much frustrations and disappointments. Beyond what I thought failing for this exam will direct me to a more exciting and fruitful life that full of opportunities. This is when I was able to be part of stellar. Stellar helped me realize that title will not give the happiness, opportunities and satisfaction that life can offer. Thanking God for giving me not just work to provide our needs but a second family who will be there in times of difficulty. Having a boss so genuine, kind and generous is more than a blessing. With my colleagues, hardest times can be lighter. Everything was a blessing being part of reaching STELLAR 167 MANPOWER RECRUITMENT AND SERVICES INC. vision and mission.




I started at Stellar as an additional to plantilla. Working here is like having a family with one mission. Suprising opportunities every now and then.




I just started working at Stellar few months ago but despite the short time I have been here, I saw the dedication and drive of my boss and co-workers which inspired and motivated me to work harder and be open to new learning. The family-like environment in the workplace is what makes Stellar 167 stand out from other companies.

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